Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cruise site for jobs

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I am not generally a fan of job sites because eventually they
ask you for money. You should never have to pay for a shipboard
job. Here is a good site I like, and they offer amazing cruise
ship (and resort based) jobs.

The company is called V Ships and the cruise/hospitality division
is called V Hospitality. (You will have to copy and paste - its not
a direct ink, sorry)

Are you fluent in more than one language? Cruise lines want you now!

Remember to share this blog with your friends and always read
the older posts for lots of cruise job information and current

Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azmara are looking for staff who
can speak English as well as possess conversational fluency in
two or more languages - preferably Spanish, French, German,
Russian, Italian, Greek, Portugeuse, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese,

Multi-lingual staff are in need in most onboard passenger service
positions such as Pursers, Front Desk, Hosts, Cruise Staff,
International Hosts, Dining Room Supervisors, Photographers,
Shore Excursions, Room Stewards, Bartenders, Entertainment,
Internet Cafe Manager, Shops and Casino.
She hires for Royal Caribbean, Azmara and Celebrity, as
they are all part of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Remember to be well prepared, concise and focused before
you submit anything. Send 1-2 page relevant resume and good
quality head shot photo. Sending to her via email is fine.

In the Subject Line, only write your name and position
desired ie "cruisegary, activities manager".

Ana Callava
Manager, Shipboard Global Talent Acquisition
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
1080 Caribbean Way, Third Floor
Miami, FL 33132-2096
Phone: 305 539-4211 Fax:305 539-3937

Cruise Ships are Always Hiring

Remember to share this blog with your friends and always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and current contacts.

Cruise ships are always hiring. Like any service business, they want good people in all positions onboard. As many of you know, cruise ships tend to have a constant turnover of staff for many reasons. Therefore, if you see any older job posts here you are interested in, my advice is to apply nonetheless, following the guidelines and procedures I have suggested.

As well, even if the slow economy is still lingering, cruise lines all have new ships coming out. Remember, these ships were ordered sometime ago, when no one could predict the current economic state of affairs. And cruise lines still have to crew all these new ships nonetheless. So, positons always exist to those of us who pursue them in the correct fashion.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Ships Get Bigger - lots more jobs, but lots more work onboard

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

Cut and paste these links to see these amazing and huge new ships coming out soon.

Royal Caribbean


Carnival will debut a new huge ship called Magic in 2011.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Reminder to Read The Older Posts

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

A number of the email enquiries I receive, revolve around information which I have already posted. You can use the blog search to find answers to your questions. As well, you will find CURRENT contact names and contact information for various cruise lines.

If there is information you don't see listed, you can advise me and I will source it out and post it here.

Thank you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shipboard Jobs - Art Auctioneer / Art Director contacts

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

For Princess Cruises / Global Fine Arts, the contact for "Art Director" is:
Attn: Sandra Lengson
The Princess art program does not yet have a dedicated website.

For Park West / Plymouth Auctioneering, the contact for "Art Auctioneer" is, Attn: Recruiting Manager.
They are now offering the art sales for ships under Plymouth and not Park West. This email is for the person who does the hiring.
Their website is

Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Director / Auctioneer Positions Available

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

Both Princess Cruise's Global Fine Arts, and Park West's Plymouth Auctioneering are hiring onboard Art Directors / Auctioneers and Associates.

I will post more contact information in the next couple of days. In the meantime, Google around and see if it is a job you might like.

Helpful if you have some art background but not essential as you receive intensive training. As well, these are really sales positions. You must have great interpersonal and social skills and be a good "closer".

Google cruise ship art auctions as well as the company names above, to get a feel for the job.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cruise Ship Vacations Advice from the Inside

Always remember to read older posts first for pertinent information.

I have many requests to provide information for cruise ship passengers. While this blog's purpose is to provide potential and returning crew members with current, VALID, contact information for ship jobs now, I do not mind posting the odd bit of info for passengers - after all, without passengers, we would not have such great jobs at sea!

For those of you waiting, the first bit for pax wil be about the cruise lines, profile, when to cruise, where to cruise and how to ensure you select a cruise vacation that suits your expectations. I shall post in about a week or two.

In the meantime, follow our good friend Phil Reimer, a great Travel Columnist and cruiser and his cruise blog at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cruisegary is now on Twitter

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

Follow all my cruise ship job information updates.

All the Other Cruise Ship Job sites on the Web

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

Someone asked me why I allow Google to run ads for other crusie ship job sites on my blog. Well, first, this is not a job site. It is a free site with the most up to date industry and contact info out there - I know because I persue all the other so-called "free sites", and as for paid sites, well, lets just say I prefer to hope people choose to hustle a bit, do their own research, because if you do, you will find your own cruise ship job. The info is out there...and here too!

Cruise lines are employers and like all employers, they place a high degree of value on the effort you have to put into getting a shipboard job - it shows your stamina, committment, character and perseverence.

This guy at USA Today has a great cruise blog - lots of information about what's going on in the industry. His name is Gene Sloan.

So, why do I leave all the other Google ads on my blog? So people can go and check them out to see exactly what they try to sell you - info you can get here for free and, the info on my site is always up to date, because I am in the industry and still work onboard ships as we speak!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Applying for Cruise Ship Jobs - Does It Matter Where I live?

The answer is a resounding no! Remember to read or search older posts first - lots of info you need to know.

No, it does not matter where you live - not these days anyways. I have conducted interviews via telephone, internet, Skype Audio and Skype Video (which is becoming quite a popular choice for cruise lines)

If you don't know much about Skype, it is easy to sign up and get online. Just don't use a computer in an internet cafe - with all the surrounding noise, music, conversation and general activity, it gives a bad impression.

So, you can apply to any cruise line job of interest around the world and technology will allow you to be availble for interviews etc.

For example if you apply to MSC Cruises, they are located in Naples Italy so obvioulsy any interview for anyone has to include either a computer or a telephone. If you are doing a video Skype interview, dress for the part and be in a professional looking/sounding environment - don't sit on your bed with your laptop and pj's.

So, as with any method of contact and interview, presentation is key - even with internet style interviews.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CruiseGary Rambles On - Updates

This is the number one site for FREE and LEGITIMATE cruise ship job information.

Real cruise line people to contact and all the pertinent information you need to get that great cruise "vacation" job!

The information is REALTIME and always updated as soon as it changes.

As I always mention, read or search for older relevant postings first.

There is alot of great info here and its all recent and its free!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cruise Ship Job Survey at the Bottom of the Page

Please add to the survey so I will know what types of shipboard jobs to focus on at any given time.

Cruise ships - all the bad news!!!

Every now and then, I think its only fair to balance the good information with the bad. Many websites are focused on reporting the negative aspects of the cruise industry.

Here are the 3 major websites who make it their job, to report the alleged bad side of cruising, and 1 site that monitors shipboard health and safety standards.

As a prospective crew member, it is good to know a little bit about how the industry is perceived by many who's only purpose is to report negativity!

At least it's good reading.........................

Reports all the alleged bad stuff:

Also reports alleged bad stuff:

Reports of passengers who mysteriously disappear or die or get injured:

This is the offical site that inspects all cruise ships for health and safety violations and reports the results here. They conduct surprise random inspections of all sanitary areas, food handling, prep, storage and serving, the overall cleanliness of a ship, laundry, supplies, temperatures everything! They watch the routines of staff, their cleanliness and whether or not they perform their duties in accordance with US Public Health regulations.

On this site, you can see which ships are clean and which ships are not, which ships pass and which ships fail this very important inspection, as every shipboard inspection is listed here:

Cruise Ships Jobs - All Positions

Take a moment to look over older posts. There is alot of good and current information.

All the various cruise line contact people and their personal contact information is all here for free!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Showband Musicians, Bands, Specialty Acts etc

Bottom of the page has a job survey. What shipboard job do you want?

These agencies are well known and well respected by all major cruise lines! They all can pick up the phone, make one call and get you hired! And remember, they don't get a dime unless they get you the gig you want! (as all agencies, they may require a standard %) (as all agencies, they may require a standard %) (as all agencies, they may require a standard %) (as all agencies, they may require a standard %)

They hire Bands, Showband Musicians, Intermissionist Pianists (no vocals), Solos & Duos - Piano/Vocal and Guitar/Vocal Entertainers,  Specialty Acts – Comics, Jugglers, Instrumentalists, Impressionists, Main Stage Vocalists, Ventriloquists and Magicians.

If you are an AV tech, sound lights etc, contact them as well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess Cruises is currently hiring Photographers

Always remember to read the older posts first. You can search this blog for specific information using the blog search...duh.

Anyway, Princess Cruises is currently hiring Photogs. They are one of the only cruise lines who hire their own and who do not use a concessionaire. By all accounts, a great company to work for. As well, Photographers, like all "Staff" onboard, enjoy more shipboard passenger area priviledges than most other cruise lines - just don't abuse them.

Cruise the world and take pictures of beautiful lanscapes, historic ruins, cities, beaches and yes, the dining room -disgusting eaters with food all over their faces...eating like its the last meal they'll ever see - oh and my favourite, photos of every single tired, irritable passenger boarding the ship, and you get to take their picture in front of some ultra tacky, fake background scene.

But who cares - afterwards it's the crew bar for dollar Coronas! get paid to travel the world...sweet....

So, visit They are a recognized and legitiamte recruiter for Princess Cruises. They will not charge you a penny for a job. They get paid by the cruise line!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Cruise Ship Contact, Star Cruises

I bet no one ever thinks about Star Cruises. Well, they own NCL as well, they are a very large cruise line with lots of money!

Check out their website at, beautiful ships, fabulous itineraries and they hire from all over the world as per other lines like Princess, RCCL etc.

Again, please don't waste her time. Be prepared, know what job you want. I recommend spending a few hours around the net, looking at information about Star Cruises, their history, their ships etc. They are based out of the Philippines and Malaysia, but like most cruise lines, they have ships all over the globe.

The HR contact is:
Eloise Diaz,
Star Cruises Centre
100 Andrews Avenue
Newport City
Metro Manila
Philippines 1309
( +632-836-6083
7 +632-836-6001

In the "Subject Line", write only: Your Name and Positon desired. (ex. Cruise Gary, Activities Manager) that's it!

Applying for more than one position at the same time

Always read older postings first for pertinent information.

Had this question again recently and it makes sense. What to do if you have an interest in more than one shipboard job.

Once you are onboard, you will see alot of other onboard jobs you never considered. I found the Port Shopping Lecturer job to be interesting albeit hard work, so I did one contract, made a ton of cash - SHOULD have returned but said no. (what did I say about saying no? - never say it)
Anyway, because you are already onboard, you will have an instant contact with say, the Casino Manager, Cruise Director, First Purser etc, as well as other crew in those departments who can give you the low down on what the job is like etc. Having said that, many cruise lines forbid departments from poaching each other, and in most cases there is a protocol for moving departments within the same cruise ship.

Back to the question. If you are interested in 2 different jobs, then approach it no different than applying for 2 different jobs on land. While your resumes all still get screened initially through HR, they do pass them onto the various managers responsible for that specific department/job.

But don't sound wishy washy - each application needs to be clear and focused on a particular department and position. By doing this, you create a better opportunity to getting onboard because the cruise line has a clear idea of who you are, what you want - makes it easy for them to match you to their needs. If you say you are willing to do anything, you just want to get any job onboard, you love cruising and want to see the world? - you will never hear back. Of course its a no-brainer those are some of the reasons we work on ships, so don't regurgitate the painfully obvious. Stay focused on the position you want, and what you bring to the job.

Where was I - oh yeah, so....if you wish to apply for more than one job, make the same effort for each position you apply - but here's what I would suggest. Apply for these different positions with different cruise lines. For example, apply for Cruise Staff with Princess, Youth Staff with Carnival, Shore Excursions with NCL etc. Don't go over board with applications to same cruise line, eventually it will raise a red flag that you are simply spamming in hopes a getting something. (I know from experience)

Use the same professional and tenacious process - be ready, prepare resume/photos - perfect; use express post AND email for submitting your application and don't be afraid to call.

1) Express post - you can track when it was received - wait 2 weeks then,

2) Email - mention you have sent your information via express Post - wait 1 week then,

3) Phone call - your best voice and remember don't call until you have a specific name to call. All you say is that you are following up on available positions. - wait 1 week then,

4) Email - re-iterate your interest - ask if they require any additional information - always let them know your available date - helps them with the bigger picture to know who is ready to go and when. - wait 1 week then

5) Express post again - follow up with any additional information you can think of, to justify another letter (and a $5.00 Starbucks card to say thank you for their consideration of your application)

I tend to go overboard (pardon the pun), but for me it works - its about selling your ability to "hustle."

And it's called schmoozing people - its what the whole industry is all about! Remember, they get hundreds of emails and hundreds of resumes each week - you need to be remembered for ANYTHING!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Princess Cruises Job Contact

If you wish to apply for any job with Princess Cruises, here are the contacts at their head office in Santa Clarita CA. These people are responsible for reviewing all applications for all positions, and directing them in-house to the right department hiring manager.

Before you waste your time, make sure your resume and photo are top notch - otherwise, it gets passed over and you will never here from them again.

Remember, they get hundreds of email applicants per week - make yours count. In addition to replying via email, also send a hard copy of both resume and photo via Fed Ex or Express Post. Use cardboard inside the envelope, so the photo and resume don't bend out of shape. Before you get the job, you have to get their attention!

In your email, make sure you follow this standard procedure.
In the Subject Line, write the position you want, then your name - that's it!

Activities Director, CruiseGary
Kandace Rendorff, Youth Counsellor

Here is the contact:

Cindy Wong,
Human Resources
Princess Cruises
24844 Ave Rockefeller
Santa Clarita, CA, 91355

Copy your email to:
Katy Daly

If you prefer the assistance of a fabulous and legitimate Princess Cruises hiring partner, contact And as I said before, they will not charge you for a job as they are renumerated by the cruise lines.

Please don't waste their time! Be professional in your presentation.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Legitimate Recuiters

Always read older posts for pertinent information

Without being too negative, not every online website or recruiter, is "recognized" or "approved" by cruise lines.

As you have probably seen, there are literally hundreds of sites for cruise ship jobs, all claiming to have some kind of "cruise ship" affiliation etc. This is not true. Or they claim to be an "Offical Hiring Partner."

Nowadays, most cruise lines have employment links and information on their on company website. So, before you lay out a bunch of cash, you have to ask yourself, what will they do for me that I can't do on my own?

Wanna know the truth? if can't hustle your own job, you probably won't last long on a ship. Of course I recognize the exceptions. But, its the whole process of finding the job that educates you, about the cruise lines you are interested in, their customer profile etc, and the industry as a whole.

So, what might be an example of a credible agency? Of course these are the ones I suggest because I work as a Cruise Director, and I have seen thousands of crew come and go and after a while, you start to notice where the good ones come from. It's that simple. And, the best agencies, the most respected agencies from an insiders point of view, are the agencies who DO NOT CHARGE YOU! Why? Because credible recruiting agencies are paid by the cruise line!!!!!! Now of course you may have to pay for your medical or travel or STCW safety certification, but you are not required to pay for the job!

If an agency asks you for money up front, ask for a written guarantee that you will get the exact job you are paying for; and see what they say - probably something like this: You will get a full refund if you can provide them with 3 letters of rejection. Guess what, cruise lines don't send letters of rejection. Therefore, you will never see your refund. The only letter you will receive from a cruise line, is if they are intersted in your services as a potential crew member. Also, I have noticed many websites charge you and all they do is provide links to other websites.

If you want a list of all cruise lines, go to as this is the offical cruise line association website.

These recruiters are legitimate and no, they pay me so stop asking you cheeky monkeys: (these are not links, you will have to copy and paste into your browser) (these are ENT's agents and they may require a standard %) (these are ENT's agents and they may require a standard %) (these are ENT's agents and they may require a standard %)

Always be respectful of the requested method for applying. But don't be afraid to pick up the phone.

If you reside in the US close to major cruise ports Like Miami or Long Beach, just go to the termianl office. If you do not live near a prt, simply go through the comapny website as per requested. Don't be afraid to call teh cruise line and ask them who is responsible for hiring for the position you are intersted in. And follow up - phone, fax UPS, phone fax, UPS....

Keep coming back and I will post contact information after iI have confimed it to be up to date. I am on a ship, so I always don't get here on a daily basis.

S, after all that, if you still choose to use an internet agency - give me your money instead, I need a new hairpiece.