Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Book Your Cruise - First Time Cruisers

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yes, sometimes, its good service to provide our guests with information on how to ensure their best cruise vacation. The next little while, I shall address these dfferent issues for guests - especially important for our frst time cruisers!

Number one advice??? Be your own advocate!!! keep your head in the game - stay on top of your booking - even if you use the cruise line directly or a travel agency. If you choose to book on a discount website, make sure they offer a service whereby you can CALL SOMEONE and SPEAK to SOMEONE in person!!!! very important - "Vacations To Go" is great; deals aside, they offer great phone service!!!

Before you leave your house for your cruise, do a couple of things...they will make your initial time on the ship much easier.

1) print out the ships itinerary - know where you are going!
2) print out a copy of the ships deck plan - learn the layout; where's your room, where's your dining...most important...learn where the bathrooms are located on each deck - especially if you travel with family!
3) go online, flickr etc and get a copy of the ships daily programme - to get an idea of what is available on a daily basis
4) if you are using any cruise credits, cruise certificates, certificates for gifts or onboard credits, bring copies of these documents with you - should there be an issue, its easier to remedy if you have your paperwork available
5) do not pack anything you need right away into carry-on; with thousands of pieces of luggage to deliver to the rooms, don't expect to see your bags first day, until around 6-7 pm.
6)shipboard activities all begin ON TIME - -check the daily programme - be 10 minutes early to ensure you catch the entire activity - limited staff conduct ALL the daily activities - schedules are tight!
7) Alcohol policies - CALL EACH CRUISE LINE DIRECTLY to find out their alcohol / soda policies for each ship. The can be different. Don't rely on a website, travel agent, friend, "a guy said", etc....CALL THE CRUISE LINE DIRECTLY and ask. AND, do not try to outsmart ships security with stashed alcohol. All baggage goes through security screening machines which easily identify alcohol and the ship will take it form you and return it at the end of the cruise. Also inquiere about buying liquor in port - can you drink it on the ship?
Don't assume...ask!!!!!! When you make an ASS out of U and ME!

Or, as I prefer to say......KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

If you are cruising with children, inquire about the onboard programs and make sure you attend the very first program orientation - usually held the first day!!!!!!
If you are traveling with friends or family members who have special needs, make all the arrangements BEFORE you get onboard!

Confirm with your agent, cruise line website, all the details of your cruise before you depart - do it 90 / 60 / 30 / 10 days before you leave your house!!!!!
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Say it over and over ad naseaum.........

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You a Great Comedian????

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Ok hot shot.....Can you perform 3 DIFFERENT shows in 5 days??? A short welcome aboard set...and...both a family AND an adult show?

Work onboard in the Carnival Cruise Line Punchliners Comedy Clubs - every ship has them now...great gig - flexible - move from ship to ship!

Contact Virginia at Carnival Cruises......if you want it bad or your agent will find her at the Miami office. Best gig on the high seas!!

PPI GROUP is looking for ShipBoard Destination Shopping Specialists

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Tired of your typical 9 to 5 job?
The PPI Group is looking for exceptionally dynamic individuals with charisma, strong sales experience, creativity, and outstanding public-speaking skills to live and work aboard cruise ships as Port & Shopping Presenters. The PPI Group is the market leader in onboard shopping promotions, operating programs aboard more than 50 ships of major cruise lines. Travel to new and exotic places, where no two days are the same!
This is your opportunity to put your personality to work for you. Port & Shopping Presenters are responsible for creating shopping excitement throughout the cruise ship. You will use your talents and creativity to conduct entertaining on-stage and televised Port & Shopping Presentations to drive cruise ship guests to stores in the ports of call. You will actively promote high-end luxury items including diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, Swiss watches, sculptures and artwork, electronics, designer fragrances liquor, and traditional souvenirs.

CruiseShip Super Shoppers!!!!!

Remember to share this blog with your friends and always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and current contacts.

Imagine working onboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara cruise lines as a Destination Shopping Specialist, Port Shopping Expert....whatever you want to call it!!!!!
Onboard Media,(OBM) lost the contracts and a NEW company has surfaced. They are called Royal Media Partners.

Here is the current information - use it wisely! Get cruisin'!!!!!!! This is a great opportunity if you have NO experience!!!

Read on!!!!!

Royal Media Partners was recently awarded the Port Shopping Program contract for both Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruise Line and are currently looking to find qualified candidates from which we will select those that best suit our new venture for phone interviews followed by a one 7day training session held in Miami Beach or on a cruise ship in June and July and ultimately ship placement.

For those who are selected for interviews, invited to training and then are selected to be a part of Royal Media Partners, placement on ships will begin in Mid-September to Mid-November depending on the date on which we assume the program on that ship.

As our website is under construction, i wanted to personally send you the requirements as we would like to begin receiving audition videos/resumes by May 6th.

We are looking for highly motivated, ethical, sales driven public speakers with or without ship experience to embark on a challenging and potentially lucrative adventure that will require you to be organized, focused, dedicated and committed to excellence in your representation of Royal Media Partners, our Cruise Line clients and our Merchant and Brand partners.

If you speak other languages fluently, please be sure to state them on your resume and you can provide a quick one minute intro in that languages in addition to the requirements listed below. We are specifically looking for Spanish and Portuguese but all languages should be listed. If you only speak a little or can understand, please simply write "basic" next to the language.

The requirements for being considered are a resume (with references) and 2 video auditions submitted via YouTube (3 if submitting a language intro).
Please set video settings to private and enable Dave Nanni ( as well as Abe Hughes ( to access the videos. We do not want them on public setting.

I have attached one script which i'd like you to familiarize yourself with and give your best attempt at delivering with ease, comfort and effectively. Although we understand that memorizing unfamiliar material is not easy but we want to see how you can digest and deliver new material with smile, a compelling cadence and with genuine salesmanship.

If you become a Shopping Guide for Royal Media Partners, you will be learning about luxury goods, diamonds, gemstones, fine watches, liquor, handbags, new destinations, port history and much more so it is imperative that you can deliver new material. We are not judging the production quality of your submission but your delivery.

Remember to smile as we want you to "Sell not Tell" but do it with a seamless ease that intrigues us on the product. You should be well spoken, dressed in business attire, comfortable and ABC; "Always Be Closing".

Furthermore, we also require a second video (2-5minutes in length) on a subject, place, product you know and love. This can be your favorite vacation spot, movie, pet, watch, food, sports team or anything you are passionate about. I believe the truth on how good you can be lies somewhere between the two presentations and that is why I want to know how you sell me on one of your favorite things.

Attached is a script on Hearts on Fire, The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. This is an actual sample script of a very important brand client and your delivery of this script is a key part of the evaluation. Feel free to browse their website to familiarize yourself prior to pressing record on your camera.

As part of our screening process, every application for a position must be accompanied by a written statement that there is no written agreement between the applicant and any company that would in any way restrict the applicant's ability to work for Royal Media Partners. Also, if there is a written agreement in existence concerning your present or former job, we request you attach it along with your resume. Royal Media Partners legal department will review it and make sure there are no impediments to our working with you.

Please include the option below that applies when submitting your resume for consideration:

A. There is no agreement between me and any company that would in any way restrict my ability to work for Royal Media Partners.
B. There is no written agreement in effect concerning any company that I am presently or in the past have worked for.
C. Attached is a copy of the written agreement in effect concerning the last company I worked for.

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to submission.

Dave Nanni
Vice President
Port Revenue & Corporate Partnerships
Royal Media Partners

CruiseGary says.....Get Cruisin"!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CruiseGary on vacation

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Yep....7 months in the Caribbean and its time to spend some really hot time, with really hot Ukrainian girls on the sunny beaches of Odessa....

A month of this?? Life is good.

...and what are you still doing punching a clock for 10 bucks an hour...waking up in the same boring town, in the same shitty...over-priced apartment, going to the same shitty job?

Get cruising!!!!

As Yoda said in Star Wars 1 or 2 or whatever...."there is do, and don't do"....or for you brainiacs...the light is either on or off.

Get Cruising!!!!

Google Cruise Industry News...the industries bible....see all the new ships and all the exciting things happening in cruising! Be part of it now!!!