Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updated reminder about available jobs

Yes, there are always ships hiring and the reasons are simple. Every company has new ships each year, even in this economy. Each ship requires more than 2000 crew. This accounts for a complete crew rotation to cover vacations etc.

To get a job you need to be very clear and precise about the position for which you are searching. IE Diver, Security, Social Host, Casino Dealer, Youth Counsellor, DJ, Musician, 3RD Engineer etc.
Note: Every crew member must have the STCW 95 Safety Certification to get a job - no matter what your position - it is Mandatory! So, Google it and find where in your city you can obtain this certification. It may be called something different in different countries. In Canada for example, I believe it is called Basic Safety. Call Marine Schools in your area and they will either offer it or direct you accordingly. Some ships offer this onboard so when it is about to expire, you can renew it without leaving the ship. They are good though for 5 years. But, this is your first step if you are serious about a ship job. You tell a cruise line you have your STCW 95, and it gives you a BIG advantage. The cost will vary tremedously. I had my last one done in Fort Lauderdale at the Maritme School for about $275. USD.

Most Hotel positions such as Room Servants, Kitchen Positions, Cleaning Staff and Bar Staff are hired from mainly Eastern Europe, Philippines, Thailand, Latin America and India. This has to do with salaries of course.

The information we provide is to help YOU search out your own position with no hassle. But, YOU must do the work if you want the job. Remember, cruising is not for everyone. You will work 7 days a week for 6 months - probably between 6-12 hours per day depending which department you are in. For example in the restaurant, you can expect to work breakfast, lunch, dinner AND, the late night buffet. You will make decent cash but your time off the ship in port, will be very limited.

You can expect to share a cabin with at least 1 other person - bunk bed style. Some cabins have 4 bunks. Most cabins are equipped with a private bath/shower - no tub, TV, Fridge. Some newer ships have in-cabin Internet access. Cabin size is about 10 ft x 6 ft - very small. This will be the most interesting cultural experience in your life!!! Trust me. Snoring, farting, smelly feet, masturbation, room mates who don't shower, dirty clothes all over the place, loud music, loud late TV when you need to be up in 2 hours - kind of like college. Weekly cabin inspections keep them somewhat tidy though. If you are an Officer or a Department Head, Shop Manager etc, in most cases, you will receive your own private cabin.

I will at some point provide direct mailing and email contacts to make your life easier - but these contacts must be used in a professional manner. Be well prepared and you will receive a favourable reply!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to prepare your Resume / CV

I have been finding that most cruise ship Human Resource Department personnel I know, are still much more happier to receive your CV/resume the old fashioned way - through the mail. The reason is because anyone can send along a thousand emails from their laptop whilst never ever getting out of bed...copy paste, copy paste - ad nauseum.
Snail means you have composed a work of art - resume, photos, dvd if available, sourced out the correct person to receive the package and walked to a post office and paid money to ship it off.
A contact hiring person I know in Europe, receives 400 - 500 email resumes PER WEEK!! He cannot possibly read let alone answer them all. He is too busy hiring people. So, it's delete, delete, delete. He receives less than 5 by traditional mail per week, but, he reads those over a coffee.
For this approach you require up to date addresses for each person and /or line you wish to contact. The information package should be as follows:

* 1 page, neatly typed cover letter - never hand written - standard ARIAL font and use spell check!
Never write Dear sir, maddam, to whomit may concern - use the first name of the person who will be receiving this employment inquiry - Dear ______ ,
This cover letter has 3 short paragraphs only :
-1) who you are and what you want
-2) brief overview of your experience and why you are right for this position
-3) when you are available, addtional info available, you will follow up with a phone call..."thank you for your time" is how you end the letter!
Note: 3 weeks after you've mailed it, call the person from a quiet area only! Use a land line only! NO cell calls! When the receptionist/gate keeper answers the phone, you say this:
My name is ____ , and I am following up a Cruise Staff position with ______ .
Your CV/Resume should be focused and relevent to the job your are applying for:
IE If you want to be part of the Cruise Social/Staff, you will include recreational activities, theatre, team sports, summer camp employment, carnival experience, marketing and promotional work, but the most important aspect of this job? You must be comfortable with a microphone hosting events in front of hundreds or thousands of passengers! You must be absolutely over the top, cheesy, almost annoyingly so - outgoing!!!! And, look as good as you can, meaning clean cut, fresh and professional - show them your own your million dollar smile!
If you can, include a video of good quality, well edited, of any hosting experience you have. All envelopes should include professionally printed labels - never handwritten. Use a large 8 1/2 inch white or brown kraft envelope, so you do not fold any of your papers.
And don't be cheap...send it Special Delivery only!