Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cruise Jobs - Onboard Shops / Boutiques

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Here is some shipboard job information for those of you looking for a great onboard job working in the shops / boutiques.

Gift shop positions are more readily available. The pay is OK and you get most port days off because all shops have to remain closed in port. Shop staff are always very cool. Some days you might have inventory or stock. Most cruise lines contract the shop staff through a company called Starboard in Miami. Starboard hires and manages all staff for 99% of the cruise lines. Princess Cruises for example, hires their own staff - they do not use Starboard.

For Princess you can contact their shipboard personnel directly. I don't know these 2 people personally, but this info is current as of today. Ask about "Boutiques Onboard" - this is what Princess calls the position. Send your resume to both. In the Subject line write, Name, Boutiques Onboard.

Alex Briskie
Administrator, Fleet Personnel
Phone 1- (661) 753 - 2910

Sandra L. Lengson
Recruitment Assistant
Fleet Personnel
(661) 753-2826

Copy your email to:
Cindy Wong
Katy Daly

If you are anywhere in Canada, you can also contact Heather Hathorn for Princess. She is a legitmate and recognized recruiter for Princess Cruises - they love her. You will not have to pay any money to anyone. She is paid by the cruise line. I know her personally.
Heather Hathorn
Vancouver BC

For most other cruise lnes, they use a company called Starboard Cruise Services to staff all the boutiques and shops.
Starboard Cruise Services provides boutique staff for 99% of the cruise lines. Here is the HR contact information for their head office in Miami.
Starboard Cruise Services
Attn: Kristina Gonzalez
Doral Concourse,

8400 N. W. 36th Street, Suite 600
Miami, Florida

USA 33166

(786) 845-7536

Monday, February 15, 2010 revised because I'm bored at the airport

Remember to share this blog with your friends and always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and current contacts.

One contributor to in particular,(not the website itself, or so I will believe for the moment), is stealing contacts off my blog for free, and then simply re-posting them on that website - a site which charges for the identical information. Information however, you would need to be actively on the "inside" to be privy to. (Yes,I realize the sentence ends with a preposition!)

To prove a point, here is new info no one knows yet. As of today, Chuck Farmer is no longer in charge of hiring bands, solos, musicians for Carnival - he has resigned effective immediately - no replacement as of today! People who contacted Chuck directly got hired. Those who used other job search/contact means and took the long "scenic route", did not get hired.

The whole point of cruisegary is to avail personal job contacts made over years of working on ships. This helps prospective crew get direct access to those who do the actual hiring for cruise ship jobs, and it helps respective departments get acess to good candidates. Its not meant to be regurgitated by others to make money.

So, if you wish to pay for information that's available for free - thats your perogative. Ultimately, no one can get you the job but YOU! However, having the direct personal contact is 90% of the process. Unless of course you really suck at eveything, then, you are beyond help.

Do not spend your money paying for information available for free! Use it to buy someone flowers!

No one can promise you a job!

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art Directors - Princess Fine Arts (Global Fine Arts)

Remember to share this blog with your friends and always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and current contacts.

They are hiring onboard Art Directors. Sales experience, some art knowledge required but better attributes includes a tremendous outgoing personality, great public speaking abilities, entertaining large groups, basically, running your own business onboard.

Robert Artelt
Director Fine Art Sales
Tel 661.753.1585
Mobile 661.993.2007