Monday, December 8, 2008

Your first step in finding your great cruiseship job!

I suggest your peruse the various cruiseline websites and cruise articles to see what kind of cruiseship job you would be interested in. If you already know, that's half the battle - but don't contact anyone yet! Watch here for further information!!!!!

I even suggest you visit "cruiseline jobs" websites which say they can "guarantee" you a job - and then charge you for information you can get here for free! You will see many of these websites on the net. They will list typical cruiseship positions and some even give a brief description of each job. All they have done, is rip off other sites, who had listed the cruise lines address and phone number - stuff you can get from a phone book. But remember, this information changes quickly as I have previously stated so, you need the most up-to-date information and that is what I will provide for you here.

Remember, all the information you need to get that great cruiseship job is FREE on the web. Tell all your friends to watch this blog for the best cruiseship job info in the world! Ask me, I will give you the straight goods on any position you are interested in applying for onboard.