Friday, January 2, 2009

Ship Jobs Available

When considering your first or your next ship job, there are some very different choices. Many of us are familiar with traditional multi-day cruising such as Princess or Carnival, but there are some good jobs in the "day cruise" industry as well. Typically, these are "casino cruises" to nowhere.

Florida has pretty much offered the best options for this kind of job but, with recent changes to the gambling laws in Florida, many of the local casinos can now offer the same table games as the casino ships. So now, why would you go out on a ship for 5 hours when you can simply go to the ocal casinos to play your favourite table games and leave when you want.

As a result, day cruise ships in Florida are now having a very rough time - witness the recent collapse of SeaEscape in Fort Lauderdale which has sailed these day cruises for over 20 years. (I worked as the Crusie Director on this ship at one time)

In the coming weeks I will tell you about some new day cruise ventures that will start operations in Florida - even though the odds do not seem to be in their favour - that is unless of course the ships offer more than just gambling.