Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just returned from Alaksa

Just returned from an Alaskan cruise on a ship I used to work on 4 years ago.

Paid very close attention to the crew nationalities and onboard jobs around the ship. I was pleasantly surprised to see many more Candians and Americans onboard working in positions such as Cruise Director's Staff, Golf Pro, Boutiques, Port and Shopping Lecturer ($$$), Art Auctioneer ($$$), Future Cruise Consultant, Bridge and Deck Officers, Guest Services/Pursers, Matre' D, Shore Excursions, Youth/Teen Counsellors and more.

Most US crew, were hired directly by this particular cruise line, and most Candians were hired with the help of Page Marine Crews (pmcmarine.com) in Vancouver. (They interview and hire across Canada)

Coninue to read the older blogs as well, for relevant information on ship jobs.