Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things Can Change Fast

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So, I have been corresponding with a prestigiouos 6 star cruise line in Europe, hoping for a shot at the CD positon, even as vacation relief. The guy I have have been communicating with for 7 months, but never met, has just up and left his post for another career. I received a form letter from his replacement advising me blah blah blah CV on file blah blah blah six months blah blah blah.........Its like playing the game Snakes and Ladders; you get all the way up to the top line and them, BAM! you snake slide aaaaaall the way to the bottom again.............

It is neccesary to put alot of time, energy, expectation and emotion into each job enquiry, so it sucks when the possibilites fall part so quickly.
Thats why when someone offers you something you say yes, you jump at it!

For me, this is my Karma getting back at me for saying no to Princess Cruises way back when. I thought I wanted to retire and live a "normal" life on land. When they called I said no - it ws a polite no, but no nonetheless. I am quite sure they will never hire me again. Their tone was always plesant, but the answer was always the same - nothing available at the moment.

But thankfully, there are many great cruise lines available to all, and I have moved onto many great shipboard experiences in great positions. So if you've had an unfortunate cruise ship experience, it will not hold back your future.