Friday, October 1, 2010

CruiseGary sails back on-line

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So, it's been a few months - still pissed at the lazy asses who take other peoples website/blog info and then "re-sell" it on other cruise job websites as their own. I did had some fun though, sending off erroneous info just to throw those other guys off track, and make them look like idots when they follow the "info" provided - fools for not doing their own homework.

In any event, I spent the summer lazily cruising the Mexican Riviera and Caribbean and making dollars!!! The past month I was in Europe onboard MSC Cruises - great line btw; sailed Baltics and did the crossing to Boston and NYC! Sailed up to New England/Canada - disembarked in Quebec City - gorgeous city!!! Now I am in MIA sailing the Caribbean again.

Please note, the MSC staff are very talented language wise - most are fluent in at least 3+ languages - many have 5 languages! All announcements, bingo etc are in 5 languages (kind of wierd but neccessary)

My suggestion is at the very least, you need fluency in English and Italian, which is the predominate language onboard, and the language of communication for officers, staff and crew.

Now I am in MIA sailing the Caribbean again. I will update all my contacts over the next 2 weeks and add the new ones I have uncovered.

In fact, I am currently taking over from a woman who got her job here onboard through this CruiseGary blog - she never knew it was me writing it -cool!!