Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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One of the biggest hurdles in finding a job on a ship is....who do I contact. Now typically, you can go online and buy some out-of-date pamphlet, or pay to access information on one of many user pay sites...but why..yes i ask..why pay, when the most up-to-date contact person for any cruise line is available FREE....where you might ask????
ta - yep, it's THAT simple. This website lists all the contacts you will ever need!!!!!!
But, just having the contacts, will NOT guarantee you any it is all about how you present your self to this person.

They are BUSY!!!! Do not waste their time with crappy resume's, phone calls or faxes.

If you are SERIOUS about shipboard employment, here is how you do it in soon-to-be 2012!!!!

1) Create a professional cruise profile on (look at how others have presented themselves and do THAT...don't reinvent the wheel here)
2) Get a FREE website template from one of many sites online - create a simple yet pro looking online personal website - KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!
3) Create a 60-90 second video. Sell yourself and describe what position you want and why you are a good candidate. Shoot it on any video, as long as it is steady and in one long shot - no editing required. Post it on YouTube so you can send the link to the ship personnel if required.
4) Also send a snail mail resume and photo - all professionally done - if you don't know - pay someone professional - and keep it simple - if they want more information, they will ask for it.
5) Yes, you can send a follow up e-mail reminding the person of your interest, and asking them if they have had an opportunity to consider your shipboard job inquiry.
6) Follow up e-mail every 3-5 weeks - Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

No system is guaranteed, that's I say, why pay for information you can access on your own!