Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your First Cruise Ship Job Contact

To begin a successful cruise ship job hunt, you need to be able to send your resume to the correct person - the one who has the position and authority to hire you or recommend you for the job you want - not some fly-by-night agency, website, middleman or headhunter. Some people may wish to pay online cruise ship services for cruise ship jobs - that's fine. But I told you so.

If they are a reputable company, you will not have pay these guys any money for any cruise ship job!!! They would be paid by the cruise lines. This information is for people who want to get it a cruise ship job themselves - with direct contact to the hiring person. So here we go. Your resume should be focused on your experience as it pertains to the cruise ship job you are applying for - keep it clean and keep it simple - again, relevant experience only! And, send along a great photo showing your professional appearance. As well, include all First Aid, Safety Training etc you have. Additional information will be requested if needed.