Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cruise Ship Jobs - Onboard Gift Shop Boutiques Jobs

Someone emailed me and asked about a job as a Fine Jewelry Salesperson onboard cruiseships. Well, as some may know, the shops onboard 99% of cruise ships are concessions - that is, they are operated by an independant company and pay a percentage of cruise ship shop sales, to the cruise lines.
The numero uno gift shop employment company in the cruise ship vacation industry, is "Starboard Cruise Services". They operate and manage all the shops onboard most major cruise ships, except Princess Cruises. Princess Cruises operates their own in-house shops called "Boutiques Onboard.

Both companies will "ask" for someone with 2 years retail employment experience in clothing, jewelry, pefumes, watches, fine gifts - not neccesarily onboard a cruise ship. If you have specific experience say, in fine jewelry, watches or perfumes, you are pretty much good to go. They both tend to hire you as a sales staff and then you are promoted from within, which is not a bad thing. because, with such a high boutique staff turnover on cruise ships, you can be promoted relatively easily providing, A) you learn to get along with everyone onboard your cruise ship - not just your department. This is the BIG things about ships: if you are an amazing gift shop sales person, but the staff and ship's crew think you are a wanker, you are done! I have seen many mediocre people receive promotions in all shipboard job departments. This is where you really need to be a complete team player! Volunteer for the crew club/crew welfare. And remember, you WILL SHARE A 10-6 ft CABIN with someone you have never met - possibly from the otherside of the world. So, to get've got to get along!

Your skill and experience will get you on the ship, your attitude and how you get along with others, will keep you on the ship!

Here is Starboard's website:
Peruse the website links for lots of good information about how to apply.

Starboard contact phone number:
(786) 845-7536
Be very professional and simply say, you have boutique experience in fine jewelry, watches, pefumes..what ever or, simply say you have 2 years experience in quality shops - never use the word "stores" - it sounds cheap. *Only use "shops" or "boutiques."

Here is Princess Cruises website:
Check their website and follow the requested manner of applying. Yes, in your most articulate voice and professional manner, you can follow up your application with a phone call. Don't call often. be creative - make an effort - utilize email, phone and yes, snail mail.

Bottom line???? Squeaky wheel gets the apply as suggested, and then do respectful follow ups so; A)they know who you are B) they know you are ready to work onboard. If anyone ever asks you WHY? you want to work on is OK to say you love to work and travel, and you are exploring career opportunities at sea!

You need to find your own personal balance between, a) respecting the employers preferred method of applying, and B) your own aggressiveness. Like I said before, squeaky wheel gets the grease!