Sunday, May 31, 2009

When the Cruise Lines Call...NEVER EVER SAY NO!!!!!

Yep, she said no, and it will be a long time before the cruiseline calls her again...if ever! I hooked my friend up with a major cruise line in Europe for a job as a Youth Coordinator. Now, you need to know that ship jobs are never really sitting vacant. A position becomes available when a crew member either gets promoted, gets fired or quits. That's it! And, this generally happens without notice or at best, very, very short notice. Of course, when they roll out a "new build", this will require staffing as well. This is where the help of a reputable agent comes in handy. They can monitor opportunities with various cruise lines. If the agent is well respected, the cruise lines will keep them abreast of job openings.

So, listen up people, when a cruiseline or agent calls you and asks if you can leave on very short notice, you give them a resounding YES!!! They will advise you about your ship, pre-employment requirements, travel plans etc. Then you say thank you, thank you, thank you...hang up the phone, and can PANIC!!! But, never let them see you sweat! Now, do whatever you got to do, to be where-ever they've asked you to be!!!
But be ready and........

Never say NO!