Friday, June 19, 2009

Always re-read the older posts first for valuable info

Give yourself some time to peruse the older posts. I provide random "How To" info that will assist you with your search. Understand each cruise line, their ship sizes, their customer profile and the types of jobs they offer. And yes, if your prefer, use the services of reputable marine recruiting agencies. Again, enquire as to how they are paid - never pay up front for a job guarantee. No one can offer such a promise - not event the cruiselines themselves.

Remember, this info is "How to" for me. So, tailor your approach to each cruise line and to each position you may be interested in. Make sure that you present yourself as a good candidate - in other words, make yourself irresistable to the cruise line. If you don't have direct relevant experience, hightlight your personality, your relevant hobbies, training and extracurricular activites and volunteer work - your availablitiy. Once you are onboard, then you can look around at what other positions may be of interest.

My suggestion for your resume: I used to go over the top. I've sent flowers, chocolates, catered lunches the works! I have even flown all the way down to their HR office to apply in person - it actually worked. Yes, at times, I tended to go little overboard. (pardon the pun)
Resume: (So, make it RELEVANT to the position you are applying for)
* 2 page max, standard resume format WITH references - be honest as they will check
* You only need to go back 5 years
* 2, 8 x 10 color of black /white photos - one head shot; one full length shot
* Any relevent training certificates or awards you have received
* List relevant hobbies and extracurricular activities
** If they want more info, they will request it.

Good Cruise Line employee profile:
Outgoing and social - controlled extravert, mild tempererd, adapts easy to ever changing surroundings - can go with the flow, makes friends easy, takes direction and criticism well, always positive, considerate of others and tolerant of different nationalties and follows rules! Shipboard employment is very hierarchical, so it's important so you must respect the chain of command.