Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Ship Employment - Where do I start

Every now and again, I will remind you to first, know a little something about the different cruise ships and cruise line companies before you apply. While most cruise lines offer the same employment, it is wise to review each cruise lines "profile", to see if you think you are a good fit. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines, which initially sold itself as a party cruise line, has become more family oriented. Cunard, is a little old school British in stlye and service. Royal Caribbean is a nice mix of everyone and they have HUGE beautiful ships. Use some of the cruise links up in the right under ads by Google, to check out the different cruise lines and their ships. Also, the CLIA or www.cruising.org will give you another profile of ships.
Usually, when you first get hired, you don't get to pick your ship or itinerary. So, when they call you - go! Never say NO, or you will wait a looooooooooooog time for another shot with that particular cruise line. Cruise line jobs are free unless you CHOOSE to pay someone for information that is out there for everyone anyway. No one can GUARANTEE you a job - cruise ship jobs are based on availability and only the cruise line can make you a job offer. And yes, it is acceptable to be professionally persistent.