Monday, September 28, 2009

New Carnival Cruise Line Job Contacts - Use Wisely

Remember to read the older posts for lots of pertinent and useful information. It is important to learn about the cruise lines and the industry with regards to finding that great shipboard job!

Please use these contacts wisely and don't waste your time. You only get ONE SHOT!!! Don't shoot yourself in the foot!!!! or worse, screw it for other people who got their $hit together.

If you are looking for cruise staff, AV, media, tech production, stage crew, lounge tech etc for Carnival - here you go.

Chris Unstead, Manager of Entertainment: Cruise Staff, Bands, Youth staff
James Riccio, Supervisor of AV Media: All shipboard tech positons for all A/V, lighting, staging positions. (

Your envelope should look like this - typed not handwritten.

Carnival Cruise Lines
(Name and title of individual above)
Carnival Place
3655 NW 87 Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Read older posts if you want to know what your resume and cover letter should look like. Also, always send a photo that represents the industry and positon you are applying for.