Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ships are a changing - itineraries that is!!!

Now is the time ships begin to reposition - in other words, follow the good weather. In the coming days all except a couple of ships will have left the Alaska season behind and sailed back down to Mexico and the Caribbean. East coast cruises to Canada and the US maritimes will cease as well. Some ships will make their way over to Hawaii and down to Australia. And some still, will find a home sailing the Med...ahhh the Med, it is my favourite.

But cruising is a year round business and so hiring is a year round business. With the weather changing for most of us here in North America, now is the time many contemplate travel and travel jobs on ships....Maybe you chose not to return to school in September, and working through another pissy winter is not your idea of fun.

Well, read some of the older posts and maybe you will find you have an interest and a skill set suitable for cruise ship employment.