Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All the Other Cruise Ship Job sites on the Web

Always read the older posts for lots of cruise job information and contacts.

Someone asked me why I allow Google to run ads for other crusie ship job sites on my blog. Well, first, this is not a job site. It is a free site with the most up to date industry and contact info out there - I know because I persue all the other so-called "free sites", and as for paid sites, well, lets just say I prefer to hope people choose to hustle a bit, do their own research, because if you do, you will find your own cruise ship job. The info is out there...and here too!

Cruise lines are employers and like all employers, they place a high degree of value on the effort you have to put into getting a shipboard job - it shows your stamina, committment, character and perseverence.

This guy at USA Today has a great cruise blog - lots of information about what's going on in the industry. His name is Gene Sloan.

So, why do I leave all the other Google ads on my blog? So people can go and check them out to see exactly what they try to sell you - info you can get here for free and, the info on my site is always up to date, because I am in the industry and still work onboard ships as we speak!