Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cruise ships - all the bad news!!!

Every now and then, I think its only fair to balance the good information with the bad. Many websites are focused on reporting the negative aspects of the cruise industry.

Here are the 3 major websites who make it their job, to report the alleged bad side of cruising, and 1 site that monitors shipboard health and safety standards.

As a prospective crew member, it is good to know a little bit about how the industry is perceived by many who's only purpose is to report negativity!

At least it's good reading.........................

Reports all the alleged bad stuff:

Also reports alleged bad stuff:

Reports of passengers who mysteriously disappear or die or get injured:

This is the offical site that inspects all cruise ships for health and safety violations and reports the results here. They conduct surprise random inspections of all sanitary areas, food handling, prep, storage and serving, the overall cleanliness of a ship, laundry, supplies, temperatures everything! They watch the routines of staff, their cleanliness and whether or not they perform their duties in accordance with US Public Health regulations.

On this site, you can see which ships are clean and which ships are not, which ships pass and which ships fail this very important inspection, as every shipboard inspection is listed here: