Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess Cruises is currently hiring Photographers

Always remember to read the older posts first. You can search this blog for specific information using the blog search...duh.

Anyway, Princess Cruises is currently hiring Photogs. They are one of the only cruise lines who hire their own and who do not use a concessionaire. By all accounts, a great company to work for. As well, Photographers, like all "Staff" onboard, enjoy more shipboard passenger area priviledges than most other cruise lines - just don't abuse them.

Cruise the world and take pictures of beautiful lanscapes, historic ruins, cities, beaches and yes, the dining room -disgusting eaters with food all over their faces...eating like its the last meal they'll ever see - oh and my favourite, photos of every single tired, irritable passenger boarding the ship, and you get to take their picture in front of some ultra tacky, fake background scene.

But who cares - afterwards it's the crew bar for dollar Coronas! get paid to travel the world...sweet....

So, visit They are a recognized and legitiamte recruiter for Princess Cruises. They will not charge you a penny for a job. They get paid by the cruise line!