Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another cruise ship contact for jobs

Always read the older posts for information as well!

I just googled around for 30 minutes and came across another contact for ships jobs. It's easy, just have some patience, a curiosity, and some common search sense. You can find all the info you need without paying someone for the same thing. Remember, the only person who can offer you a ship job is the cruise line - no paid agent or paid website, no paid video or paid booklet or paid download - no one - nadda!

Follow some of my advice and you will find the ship job you desire. So, the contact I found is for Carnival Cruise Line. If you contact him, make sure you have done your homework first. Read my other blogs to understand whay I mean. You only get one chance to make a first impression - and it's true - not just a cliche'!

1) Short, succinct 3 paragraph cover letter.
2) Your resume is as I have suggested - short, relevant and commanding!
3) You send 1 professional photo geared towards the position you are looking for - let your personality shine!

Remember, never tell them you found this email here. You need to give the impression YOU have done all the work yourself - impress them with your proactive work habits!

Chris Unstead, Carnival Cruise Lines

His area of hiring includes cruise staff/entertainment hosts, youth staff, dancers, singers, musicians. In the subject line write your name and position sought: ie: Cruise Gary, Youth Staff

If you are looking for work as a nurse, doctor, computer tech, internet cafe manager, restaurant manager, or other position, first check their website to see if these positions are hired through a concessionaire (a company the cruise line contracts to provide shipboard services) If you choose to contact him and inquire about other onboard jobs such as security, nurse, doctor, boutiques, casino etc, write only your name and "onboard employment" in the subject line: ie: Cruise Gary, Onboard Employment
In most cases, if you have made a good impression, (ie resume, photo etc), your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person - remember, cruise lines are always looking for good people)

I was looking for the person who hires the Onboard Future Cruise Consultants for RCCL. I found the email for the RCCL VP of Sales - I emailed her and she forwarded my inquiry to the correct person - I received an email from him. You can usually see on your emails, who has sent the email to you, and who they received it from etc - follow then paperless trail!

Keep in mind most galley, bar, restaurant, housekeeping, deck and engine crew positions are filled by nationalities from the Caribbean, Asia, South Asia, South/Central America etc - not US, Canada, UK etc. The exception may be manager positions, officer positions.

Always send your resume and cover letter as an attachment, unless you have been instructed otherwise.

As I did, it is always a good idea to make the suggestion you are willing to arrange a flight to Miami for an interview - chances are, they will not take you up on it, but is shows your commitment to getting a job with them. And if they say ok, flights are dirt cheap to MIA from anywhere in Canada or the US - and it will be worth it! Plus, organize yourself and you could personally visit most major cruise lines, as they are based in Fort Lauderdale area or the Miami area - except Princess and Crystal.

If you receive a reply from your enquiry, I suggest following it up with a phone call to the Carnival office. They are located in Miami near the MIA airport.Their executive office number is 305-599-2600 - ask for Chris Unstead, Entertainment. If you want to Fed Ex a hard copy of your resume, (which I think is always a great idea), the office address is:
Chris Unstead,
Manager of Entertainment Staff,
Carnival Cruise Lines,
3655 NW 87 Ave,
Miami Fl, USA

NOTE: Never ever hand-write your envelope address - get professional address labels printed for both receiver and sender's address....
...and for crying out loud - SPELL CHECK all your documents! (not like me)

Respect and good luck.