Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Best time to Apply for a Cruise Ship Job (Holland America Contact)

There is no special time, or "better time" to apply for a cruise ship job. It's pretty much high season year round for ships. Why? because cruise ships follow the good weather. Therefore, they are always an attractive vacation choice.

For example, in the summer months, ships will cruise north, ie Alaska, Northern Europe/Baltics, US/Canadian maritimes, and to the extreme south - Antartica and South America etc. In the winter months, cruise ships follow the good weather. That's why you will see ships repositioning in droves, to Mexico, Carribean, Southern Carribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific.

Most cruise lines have ships positioned around the world:
Royal Carribean Cruise Lines
Holland America Line
NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines
Disney Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Crystal Cruises
Celebrity Cruises
MSC Cruises
Costa Cruises
Cunard Line
Oceania Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Windstar Cruises
Azmara Cruises

Many cruise lines are operating year round in places like the Mediterranean and Australia/New Zealand. So, as you can see, there will always be a need for new crew members onboard ships year round. So, the best time to apply? Yesterday!...the second best time to apply? Today!

But, as I always say, do some homework, prepare yourself professionally and then apply as per the cruise line requests. I always suggest sending a hard copy of your resume/2 professional photos, (headshot, 3/4 shot), with Fed-Ex. If you can produce a 3 minute intro video, send it on a DVD but ONLY, and I say ONLY, if it is filmed, edited and produced in a very professional manner - nothing stupid, homemade, goofy etc, unless it is applicable to the job to which you have applied. You will be dressed appropriately for the position; introduce yourself and give a brief intro about yourself and why you are a great candidate for the position you have applied for - you will be enthusiastic and authentic and passionate with energy level appropriate to the position applied - so therefore make the video relevant to your desired position!

And yes, you can call to follow up, but be professional, polite, articulate and greatful for any help you receive - you never know who you are speaking with, or who they know! But yes, follow up!!!!!

And remember, while you are creeping around the internet and making enquiries, use a pseudonym. Then when you are ready to make your presentaion and application, use your real name. Trust me, take some time to find who is in charge of hiring for the positon you want - and send it to the perosn. If this person is NOT the ultimate decision maker, then they will generally send it along for you. Remember, cruise lines want to find good people, just as much as you want to find a cruise ship job. It's match making!

Try it out:
I Googled around for 30 minutes and found this contact for Holland America. She hires for Cruise Staff, Youth Staff, Divers, Shore Excursions and I imagine she would direct you accordingly; if your interest is in say Pursers/Hotel Front Desk, musicians, bands, computer tech, internet cafe manager among others. Check the Holland America website to find the correct name for the various jobs onboard.
Do not send here anything unless it is short, articulate, relevant and professional.

Her email is (Carey Rae Bolton)In the Subject line write the name of the positon you desire.
IE: Subject: Cruise Gary; Seasonal Youth Staff (your name and whatever position you are interested in)

Like me, any of you can do the same searching on the internet and find out who you need to contact. The info and contacts are there!