Friday, August 7, 2009

Know Your Job Onboard

It is a good idea to peruse the various cruise line websites, to learn a little about the kind of product they offer: what their ships are like, what their customer profile is like, what their itineraries are like etc.

Do you want to work on BIG ships or smaller, more intimate ships. I've worked on Grand Class ships with almost 5000 passengers and crew, and smaller ships with less than 500 passengers...big difference - my preference is the smaller vessels - some may say...less work demands - but smaller ships have less crew, so its all relative.

Some crew may also find the smaller ships kind of boring, as they offer less for passengers, and the crew areas are quite limited in what they can provide. But, you may work harder and longer hours on the bigger ships - for the same pay by the way. Think carefully about the kind of experience you want to have onboard.

Check out the cruise line links here on this blog and look at their website information - see which type of cruise lines appeal to you. For example, Royal Caribbean has ships with 3500 - 5000 passengers and another 1800 crew. Other cruise lines will be more intimate so look around and see. Read reviews and ship/company information on, and my favorite

Then start the process of finding the travel job of your dreams.