Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seasonal Jobs - Short term contracts

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For those who prefer short term cruise ship contracts, there are a few postions which can accomodate your needs.

Youth Counsellors/Teen Counsellors
- The contracts for these jobs can be a short as 1-2 weeks. During peak seasons, such as Christmas, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Easter and the summer time, cruise lines usually bring on extra short term staff for youth/teens, as well as teen specific djs. Its a great introduction into cruise ship employment. Many have gone on to full time contracts. As for ages, I have seen Youth and Teen Staff range in age from late teens to mid 50's.

Other jobs onboard with possible short term contracts are relief nurses, doctors, as well as short term showband musicians. Of course, most mainstage entertainment such as Comedians, Singers, Magicians work on short contracts as well.

Even though you are short term, you will still be required to have the full STCW 95 safety certification, as well as undergo all required cruisie line pre-employment medicals. Because you are short term, your flights be be paid for both ways.

I've had Youth Staff fly from the westcoast, all the way over to the Med for only 3 cruises! Pretty great little paid vacation!