Monday, August 24, 2009

Other Cruise Ship Job Options like Day and Casino Cruises

Keep in mind there are options other than the big cruise lines. Consider for example day cruise casino ships like Discovery Cruise Line and Palm Beach Casino to name a couple. Or the 2 and 3 day cruises onboard Celebration Cruises out of Fort Lauderdale.

These involve more excitement and saving money than travel. But day cruises are great. I worked onboard SeaEscape which after 20 years, finally succumbed to the economy, the local indian casinos and as a result, no longer sails. It sailed twice daily from Fort Lauderdale on cruises to nowhere. It was a casino ship. Each night we were docked back in Fort Lauderdale, so many international crew had apartments, cars - 2 days off each week - it was great - a regular lifestyle.

As you see, many options.

Here are some contacts for these day cruises.

Celebration Cruise Line, Fort Lauderdale (Used to be Imperial Majesty)
They hire all shipboard positions including salon, photogs.
You can send any job inquries to Yolanda Reilly. (if they are using the new ship comapny email, it might be

Same rules apply - make sure your presentation is professional, (resume / photos) and relevant to the position. Also, in order to get onboard, it is good to be flexible in what positions you will accept. I once applied as to a ship in Europe as a CD and they offered me the Ass't position - didn't take it but I should have.
So apply for what you want, but keep an open mind.

Las Vegas Cruise Lines is strictly a casino ship. If you have any casino experience, here is where you would apply. They sail out of Port Canaveral (where the space rockets take off from)
You can send any job inquries to
The main principle for employment in the company is Giles Malone, managing director. The ship has been having financial problems and is currently for sale. It continues to operate.

Palm Beach Casino Line is a combination day cruise / casino ship. They hire all casino positons, cruise staff, youth staff, musicians, purser staff. Check their website.
1.561.845.2101 (If you have your phone pitch together, call them to inquire)
Port of Palm Beach
Riviera, Florida

Discovery Cruise Line
This ship sails early each morning from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas. You get 3-4 hours tops in the Bahamas. It returns to Fort Lauderdale the same evening - arriving around 10 pm - but, because you visit a foreign country (Bahamas) all passengers must clear immigration and customs before crew each night upon your return to Fort Lauderdale.
Here is the link to the employment page with listings of current openings:

Send your inquiry to the Entertainment Manager - his name is Anthony.

All bar, deck, food service and housekeeping positions are hired from overseas. For these positions, contact Apollo Ship Chandlers‎
1775 NW 70th Ave
Miami, FL 33126-1341
(305) 592-8790