Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things can change FAST!!!

So, I trained with a major cruise line for a new management position. The next training was scheduled, deployment date established - all lined up and ready to go - then BAM! Just like that, the new position has been eliminated. Current crew contracts will be extended - eliminating the need of new hires.

So, you see, things change fast in this business. But, I am continuing my search for a new onboard position - I want something different - maybe a European river cruise -who knows, but what I do know? No matter what position you apply for, with what cruise line, always make the same professional approach when applying.

And when things don't go your way, as I have just experienced, don't get pissed off and don't get mad at the cruise line or the person you were dealing with - you never know who they know - and they just might call you up the next day with another change in your favour.

Keep your head and continue your search as I have outlined - real all the older posts to get up to speed.