Friday, August 21, 2009

Cruise Ship Hook Ups

Yes yes yes...of course there are...for all ages! If you are one of the lucky onboard staff who have passenger priviledges, you will no doubt hook up with a passenger...if you want, and of course, if he or she, also wants to. Be as discreet as you can, but truthfully, when it comes to hooking up, everyone can usually see.

In many cases you will have the opportunity to hook up with more than one passenger per cruise. When I was a DJ with NCL, on the first night of the cruise, I spent the night with a nice young woman from Atlanta Georgia. Then, 4 days later, on our last formal night, I spent the night with a sexy older woman, also from Atlanta Georgia - yep, you guessed it...turned out they were mother and daughter - and Basil, don't even get me started about the Texas twins...Oh do behave!

On many cruise lines the policy is this: if you get caught with a passenger in your cabin, you will probably receive a written warning. If, on the other hand, you are found to be in the passengers cabin, you will most likely be dismissed from the ship - almost immediately! The sad fact is that it depends on who you are, who you know and whether or not senior staff/officers like you! So, as I have always advocated, (and not for this reason specifically), be nice to everyone you meet onboard - you will have a much better contract!

Just rememeber, what happens on a ship - stays on a ship - it's a tired cliche, but it's true. And remember, shipmates before shagmates! Don't forget about your duties and responsibilities.